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This release introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • deps: update dependency lru-cache to ^10.1.0 (05700c1)
  • deps: update playwright dependencies to ^1.40.1 (da2e7ba)
  • playwright-test: corrected proxy protocol detection and configuration (090b322)
  • web: question about Attribute is now generic and specifies native element type (c2b7663)
  • web: removed duplicate quotes in the error message (4ee1c10)
  • web: replaced dot in error message by a comma (d78551e)


  • core: nested error cause is now added to the main error message (815c8ce), closes #1823
  • cucumber: support for ESNext modules (ba1f225), closes #2097
  • web: question about ComputedStyle retrieves computed style property (219f9b9), closes #1633