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This release introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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  • assertions: isBefore and isAfter accept Timestamp as well as Date objects (55e13d0)
  • core: inspecting a Timestamp returns a human-friendly description of its value (da26b54)
  • playwright-test: enabled the ability to CallAnApi for all default actors (436cde5), closes #1876
  • playwright-test: explicit proxy config will override env variables for REST interaction (1c277d6), closes #1949
  • rest: automatic proxy server configuration for CallAnApi (27a1630), closes #1949
  • serenity-bdd: serenity-bdd downloader will now automatically detect proxy server configuration (c221210), closes #1949
  • web: ability to CallAnApi is now available by default (dfaf8e4), closes #1876