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Getting started

Serenity/JS is a full-stack acceptance testing framework. Its modular design enables you to create test scenarios interacting with any interface of your system while reducing the number of dependencies you need.

Get started fast

To get a feel for the Serenity/JS, follow our 15-minute web testing tutorial 🚀

In this chapter, I'll give you a high-level overview of the framework and you'll learn about:

Modernising existing projects

With Serenity/JS you don't need to start from scratch! The framework is designed to help you safely and progressively modernise existing codebases!

In the second part of this chapter, I'll show you how to add Serenity/JS to an existing automation project and you'll learn about:

Upgrading from Serenity/JS 2

If you're using Serenity/JS 2, the Serenity/JS 3 upgrade guide will help you update your tests to benefit from all the latest features.

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Serenity/JS is hosted on, so make sure to sign up for a free account to gain access to:

Your feedback matters!

If you like Serenity/JS, give it a ⭐ star on GitHub and tell your friends about it! For questions about Serenity/JS, check out Serenity/JS Q'n'A, and make sure to join our Serenity/JS Community Chat to say hi 👋

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