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Getting started

In this article, you'll learn how:

  • Serenity/JS Gitpods let you experience the framework in your web browser right now, no installation required!
  • Serenity/JS Project Templates are a good starting point and a reference implementation for your new test automation project
  • Serenity/JS Modules allow you to customise your project setup, or add Serenity/JS to an existing project
  • Free account gives you access to Serenity/JS resources, including code repositories, examples and reference implementations, Serenity/JS issue tracker, Serenity/JS Gitpod workspaces, and the Serenity/JS Community Chat.
  • Your feedback and support will help Serenity/JS to evolve to better meet your needs, so get engaged and be part of our community!

Serenity/JS Gitpods

Serenity/JS Gitpods are free virtual workspaces you can launch on demand on They are the easiest way to get started with the framework, as every Serenity/JS Gitpod comes with all the browsers, test tools, drivers, libraries and even VisualStudio Code plugins already installed and ready to go.

In fact, all Serenity/JS tutorials you'll find in this handbook have a corresponding Serenity/JS Gitpod that lets you follow the tutorial without having to install anything on your machine. If you prefer to set up Serenity/JS locally, this handbook will also teach you how to do that.

Short on time? ⏱️

To quickly see what Serenity/JS is capable of, go straight to the first tutorial where you'll learn how to use Serenity/JS and Playwright Test to write test scenarios for web applications.

To use Serenity/JS Gitpods, you'll need a free account on You can then use your GitHub account to sign up for a free account on the first time you launch your workspace.

Serenity/JS Project Templates

Serenity/JS Project Templates are boilerplate repositories that combine the most popular configurations of Serenity/JS modules and include a handful of test scenarios to help you get started.

You can find all the official Serenity/JS Project Templates on GitHub.

While you can simply clone the Serenity/JS Template repository to your machine, also allows you to create new repositories based on Serenity/JS Templates. To use this feature, you'll need a free account on

Serenity/JS Modules

Serenity/JS is a modular framework based on Node.js, with official modules distributed under the @serenity-js/* namespace via You can use as many or as few of Serenity/JS Modules as you need to enable integrations with required test automation tools and test runners, interact with the various interfaces of your system under test, and to enable the desired reporting formats.

Each Serenity/JS module typically provides at least one of the following:

To find out more about how to install a given Serenity/JS module, please consult its installation instructions, as well as the general Serenity/JS installation guide.

In general, to use Serenity/JS modules you'll need:

Your account

Serenity/JS is hosted on, and having a free account gives you access to:

If you don't have a account yet, you can sign up now.

Your feedback matters!

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Have feedback? Let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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If you have questions about Serenity/JS or would simply like to say "hi" to fellow Serenity/JS developers, join our Serenity/JS Community Chat.

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