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Serenity/JS is an innovative open-source framework designed to make acceptance and regression testing of complex software systems faster, more collaborative and easier to scale.

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Serenity/JS Cucumber

@serenity-js/cucumber contains a set of adapters you register with Cucumber CLI runners to enable integration and reporting between Cucumber.js and Serenity/JS.

Please note: To use Cucumber and Serenity/JS to execute web-based acceptance tests, you should register Serenity/JS Cucumber adapter using Protractor configuration file.

Learn more about integrating Serenity/JS Cucumber:


To install this module, run:

npm install --save-dev @serenity-js/cucumber @serenity-js/core

This module reports test scenarios executed by any version of Cucumber.js, from 0.x to 9.x, which you need to install separately.

To install Cucumber 9.x, run:

npm install --save-dev @cucumber/cucumber 

To install Cucumber 6.x or earlier, run:

npm install --save-dev cucumber 

To learn more about Serenity/JS and how to use it on your project, follow the Serenity/JS Getting Started guide.

Command line usage

Cucumber 7.x and newer

cucumber-js --format @serenity-js/cucumber \
--require ./features/support/setup.js \
--require ./features/step_definitions/sample.steps.js
'--format-options', `{ "specDirectory": "${ path.resolve(__dirname, '../../cucumber-specs/features') }" }`,

Cucumber 3.x to 6.x

cucumber-js --format node_modules/@serenity-js/cucumber \
--require ./features/support/setup.js \
--require ./features/step_definitions/sample.steps.js

Cucumber 0.x to 2.x

cucumber-js --require=node_modules/@serenity-js/cucumber/lib/index.js \
--require ./features/support/setup.js \
--require ./features/step_definitions/sample.steps.js


When used with a configuration file written in JavaScript:

// features/support/setup.js

const { configure } = require('@serenity-js/core')

// ... configure Serenity/JS

When used with a configuration file written in TypeScript:

// features/support/setup.ts

import { configure } from '@serenity-js/core'

// ... configure Serenity/JS


This module can be integrated with:

Learn more about Serenity/JS modular architecture.

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export=: unknown = ...

Registers a Cucumber reporter that emits Serenity/JS domain events and informs Serenity/JS when test scenarios and Cucumber steps start, finish, and with what result.