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This release addresses #1103 and introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: removed deprecated interface DressingRoom; please use Cast instead (d68b44b)
  • core: removed deprecated interface WithStage (45d1c2b)
  • core: removed deprecated task to See.if (dd5e2f5)
  • cucumber: SECURITY: removed overrides for colors.js since the issue has now been addressed (481e327), closes cucumber/cucumber-js#1885


  • assertions: isPresent works with any Optional (cea75dc), closes #1103
  • core: f and d question description formatters (c9f3fad)
  • core: replaced Adapter with QuestionAdapter and introduced Optional (8d84ad3), closes #1103
  • core: support for Optional chaining, expectation isPresent, refactored Expectations (1841ee5), closes #1099 #1099 #1103