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This release addresses #1717 and introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: ability to ScheduleWork preserves stack traces for better reporting (c2ce5f7), closes #1717
  • deps: update website dependencies to v2.4.1 (6e4d17b)
  • playwright-test: corrected synchronisation of the platform fixture (7156f84), closes #1717
  • playwright: support for Playwright 1.34.0 (5d591c7)
  • playwright: updated Playwright Core to 1.34.0 (c5aa042)
  • playwright: updated Playwright to 1.34.2 (c944031)
  • playwright: upgraded to Playwright 1.34.3 (0ded19e)
  • protractor: updated dependency on @types/selenium-webdriver (a7a68ff)


  • core: enabled extending default behaviour of actor.perform and actor.answer APIs (01bb213), closes #1717
  • playwright-test: improved integration with Playwright Test (45b324f), closes #1717
  • playwright-test: much more detailed Playwright Test reports (5980a1e), closes #1717
  • playwright: support Playwright auto-waiting (8f1750f), closes #1717