A handbook by Jan Molak

Serenity/JS makes acceptance and regression testing of modern web apps faster, more collaborative and easier to scale.

Key Features

Serenity/JS is a next generation acceptance testing library, expanding the capabilities of Angular Protractor to give you:

  • the flexibility and expressiveness of the Screenplay Pattern,
    so that your test scenarios stay free of noise and focused on the business logic,
  • the power and visibility of Serenity BDD narrative reports,
    so that failure analysis and release readiness assessment become more efficient,
  • an easy way to introduce and follow SOLID design principles,
    to keep your code simple, reusable and easy to extend,
  • effortless integration with popular test automation tools like Cucumber, Mocha and Chai,
    so that you can introduce it into your existing toolchain today,
    with just a single, one-line code change

Ready to get started?

See Serenity/JS in action in the introductory video, get your hands dirty with the tutorial, or jump straight to the guide.

Get involved!

Star or fork the project on Github

Ask questions and find answers on StackOverflow

Follow updates on Twitter (via @JanMolak)

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