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This release addresses #1403, #1520 and introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: re-implemented the interaction to Debug so that it works in JetBrains IDEs (14737f9), closes #1520
  • core: removed deprecated API Cast.whereEveryoneCan (7f2f5b9), closes #1403
  • core: removed deprecated API List.get (6308686), closes #1403
  • core: removed deprecated ContextTag (d09a688), closes #1403
  • deps: update dependency deepmerge to ^4.3.1 (d605a6b)
  • deps: update dependency graceful-fs to ^4.2.11 (3dc2d0b)
  • deps: update dependency typedoc to ^0.23.28 (5d5b8d7)
  • local-server: removed deprecated API StartLocalServer.onOneOfThePreferredPorts (58cc29c), closes #1403
  • playwright: it's now easier to inspect PlaywrightPage using the new interaction to Debug (cbf210a)