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This release addresses #1102, #1486 and introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • assertions: custom errors thrown via Ensure now include activity location (1fdf7a2), closes #1102
  • assertions: interaction to Ensure no longer emits an AssertionReport artifact (db3e5ae), closes #1486
  • core: corrected issue in asyncMap that led lists of lists to be flat-mapped not mapped (d7a6f1d)
  • core: easier configuration and automatic colour support detection for AnsiDiffFormatter (637ed44), closes #1486
  • core: further improvements to how the expected vs received values are rendered in VS Code (e2101d0), closes #1486
  • core: improved support for Node 14 (f828b45)
  • core: introduced ExpectationDetails to provide more accurate info re failed expectations (02b8f33), closes #1102
  • core: removed AssertionReport and AssertionReportDiffer as they're no longer needed (a968ac5), closes #1480
  • core: removed the legacy Error (de-)serialisation mechanism (7ea2b10)
  • core: typeOf now correctly recognises Proxy objects (3ca68a3)
  • core: updated npm-failsafe to 1.0.0 (df80731), closes #1486
  • playwright: upgraded Playwright to 1.30.0 (305a2c2)
  • web: renamed internal function inspector to inspected (4d2b147)


  • assertions: diffs included in RuntimeErrors are now colour-coded (f88efb4), closes #1486
  • core: assertion and synchronisation errors include location of the activity that threw them (f06f378), closes #1102
  • core: assertion errors include precise information about unmet expectations and improved diffs (1eb09b1), closes #1102
  • core: better assertion errors reporting in Visual Studio Code (3b94b7d), closes #1486
  • core: error factory is now configurable, which allows for the diffs to include colours (dac293d), closes #1486
  • core: new ability to RaiseErrors (4617d39), closes #1102
  • core: overridable abilities (03966cc)
  • protractor: improved assertion error reporting for Protractor (8f8f91c), closes #1102
  • webdriverio: improved assertion error reporting for WebdriverIO (7513752), closes #1102