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This release addresses #1437 and introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: improved Duration to ensure it can't be instantiated with an invalid parameter (9d89014)
  • core: improved error message shown when an actor doesn't have a required ability (753b036)
  • core: simplified AsyncOperation events (ac1a88f)
  • core: simplified internal AsyncOperation events to separate service name from task description (0162d28)
  • deps: update website dependencies (#1437) (51ef285)
  • playwright-test: better names for screenshots attached to Playwright Test reports (8c04334)
  • rest: support for Axios 1.2.2 (b6fa54b)


  • playwright-test: annotate Playwright Test reports with Serenity/JS tags (5e4a513)
  • playwright-test: custom actors can now be defined in playwright config file (117da34)
  • playwright-test: interoperability between Serenity/JS default actor and page (91803de)
  • playwright-test: support for Photographer and automated screenshots upon activity failure (c5527ca)