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This release introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: introduced Cast.where factory method to make it easier to generate custom casts of actors (26637f1), closes #1523
  • deps: update dependency deepmerge to ^4.3.0 (ac08d09)
  • deps: update dependency yargs to ^17.7.1 (1e7a52b)
  • deps: update playwright dependencies to ^1.31.2 (ebac2ff)
  • deps: update website dependencies (#1531) (4a58010)
  • playwright-test: ensure each new actor gets their own Playwright browser (f4c527b), closes #1523
  • protractor: default actors receive abilities to BrowseTheWebWithProtractor and TakeNotes (edcf734), closes #1523
  • webdriverio: default actors receive abilities to BrowseTheWebWithWebdriverIO and TakeNotes (3880d3b), closes #1523