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This release addresses #594, #1240, #1259 and introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • console-reporter: corrected default export so that it's detected as no-arg (e39fc12), closes #1240
  • console-reporter: corrected error reporting when scenarios are executed in parallel (170a31e), closes #1240
  • core: activity is now able to detect invocation location on Node 14 (41f4776), closes #1240
  • core: enabled support for synthetic default imports and ES module interop (3e63d07), closes #1240
  • core: improved implementation of EventQueue to better support parallel scenarios (025e4fd), closes #1240
  • core: simplified SceneFinishes event (9ad947a), closes #1240
  • playwright-test: bulk-attach all Serenity/JS events to Playwright report (a5f3d7c), closes #1240
  • playwright-test: support for Playwright Test Babel loader (f9a5412), closes #1240
  • playwright-test: wait for Photographer to finish taking screenshots before dismissing actors (b0c5adb), closes #1240
  • playwright: corrected not(isPresent()) for PlaywrightPageElement (0693b2f), closes #1240
  • playwright: upgraded Playwright to 1.25.2 (fcbfdda)
  • playwright: upgraded Playwright to 1.26.0 (a13ab3c)
  • rest: removed deprecated ChangeApiUrl (a8ab177), closes #1259
  • web: question about Text.of(element) now trims newline and space characters (c68bbe9)


  • assertions: new assertion about a property of an object (9cc03d5)
  • console-reporter: improved support for tests executed in parallel (01264ce), closes #1240
  • console-reporter: report both total and real time it took to execute all the scenarios (654be57), closes #1240
  • core: serenity/JS stage crew members can now be configured using string (786cdad), closes #1240 #594
  • playwright-test: first draft of the Serenity/JS Playwright Test reporter (b9e3d89), closes #1240
  • playwright-test: improved Playwright Test reports (6c6b537), closes #1240
  • playwright-test: support Screenplay Pattern-style scenarios (c425c54), closes #1240
  • serenity-bdd: support for configuring SerenityBDDReporter using a ClassDescription string (968e349), closes #594


  • web: reverted the change to Text that would make it automatically trim the retrieved text (f5a47b7)