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This release introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: moved time-related code to a common package (f29fedc), closes #1522
  • core: support for NPM 9 (0493474)
  • deps: update dependency tiny-types to ^1.19.1 (ce335eb)
  • jasmine: improved filesystem location detection for Jasmine scenarios (ec180d6)
  • rest: support for Axios 1.3.4 (e926bbd)


  • assertions: fault-tolerant interaction to Ensure.eventually (d6297f7), closes #1522
  • core: introduced a new ability ScheduleWork to enable #1083 and #1522 (b275d18)
  • core: max timeout of Wait.until can now be configured globally (8dd6895), closes #1083