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This release addresses #1255 and introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: extracted common TypeScript configuration (0108370)
  • core: refactored the interaction to Wait.until to improve its reliability (970ea39), closes #1255
  • deps: updated TinyTypes to 1.19.0 (f6d53e4)
  • local-server: pinned portfinder to 1.0.28 (16369a9), closes http-party/node-portfinder#138
  • playwright: corrected internal imports from playwright to playwright-core (c42e7f3)
  • playwright: updated Playwright (3fa7c7e)
  • playwright: updated Playwright to 1.24.2 (9283910)
  • webdriverio: ensure Serenity/JS-specific config is not passed to WebdriverIO-specific services (384738e)
  • webdriverio: use local instead of global browser object in WebdriverioPage (323be75)
  • web: simplified isClickable so that it doesn't include visibility check (33ad47e)


  • core: support for registering custom RuntimeErrors with ErrorSerialiser (feed78c)