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Serenity/JS is an innovative open-source framework designed to make acceptance and regression testing of complex software systems faster, more collaborative and easier to scale.

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Serenity/JS Playwright

@serenity-js/playwright module is a Screenplay Pattern-style adapter for Playwright, that helps with testing Web-based apps.


To install this module, run the following command in your Playwright project directory:

npm install --save-dev @serenity-js/assertions @serenity-js/console-reporter @serenity-js/core @serenity-js/serenity-bdd @serenity-js/web @serenity-js/playwright

To learn more about Serenity/JS and how to use it on your project, follow the Serenity/JS Getting Started guide.

Usage with @playwright/test

Follow the Serenity/JS Getting Started guide for Playwright Test.

Usage with Cucumber

Follow the Serenity/JS configuration guide for Cucumber and review the Serenity/JS Cucumber and Playwright Project Template.

Usage with Mocha

import { Ensure, equals } from '@serenity-js/assertions'
import { actorCalled, Actor, Cast, configure, Duration } from '@serenity-js/core'
import { BrowseTheWebWithPlaywright, PlaywrightOptions } from '@serenity-js/playwright'
import { By, Navigate, PageElement, TakePhotosOfFailures, Text } from '@serenity-js/web'

import { describe, it, beforeAll, afterAll } from 'mocha'
import * as playwright from 'playwright'

// example Lean Page Object describing a widget we interact with in the test
class SerenityJSWebsite {
static header = () =>
PageElement.located(By.css('h1')) // selector to identify the interactable element
.describedAs('header') // description to be used in reports

// example Actors class, confgures Serenity/JS actors to use Playwright
class Actors implements Cast {
private readonly browser: playwright.Browser,
private readonly options: PlaywrightOptions,
) {

prepare(actor: Actor): Actor {
return actor.whoCan(
BrowseTheWebWithPlaywright.using(this.browser, this.options),
// ... add other abilities as needed, like CallAnApi or TakeNotes

describe('Serenity/JS', () => {

let browser: playwright.Browser

beforeAll(async () => {
// Start a single browser before all the tests,
// Serenity/JS will open new tabs
// and manage Playwright browser context as needed
browser = await playwright.chromium.launch({
headless: true

// Configure Serenity/JS providing your Actors
// and required "stage crew memebers" (a.k.a. reporting services)
actors: new Actors(browser, {
baseURL: ``,
defaultNavigationTimeout: Duration.ofSeconds(2).inMilliseconds(),
defaultTimeout: Duration.ofMilliseconds(750).inMilliseconds(),
crew: [
[ '@serenity-js/console-reporter', { theme: 'auto' } ],
[ '@serenity-js/core:ArtifactArchiver', { outputDirectory: 'target/site/serenity' } ],
[ '@serenity-js/web:Photographer', {
strategy: 'TakePhotosOfFailures',
// strategy: 'TakePhotosOfInteractions',
} ],
[ '@serenity-js/serenity-bdd', { specDirectory: 'spec' } ],

it('supports Playwright', async () => {
// actorCalled(name) instantiates or retrieves an existing actor identified by name
// Actors class configures the actors to use Playwright
await actorCalled('William')
equals('Next generation acceptance testing')

afterAll(async () => {
// Close the browser after all the tests are finished
if (browser) {
await browser.close()

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