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Optional is a container object, which holds a value that may or may not be “present”,

The meaning of being “present” depends on the context and typically means a value that:

  • is other than null or undefined
  • is retrievable, so retrieving it doesn’t throw any errors

Additionally, Optional can also have a context-specific meaning. For example, Optional#isPresent():

  • in the context of a PageElement means that the element exists in the DOM.
  • in the context of a ModalWindow means that the modal window is open.
  • in the case of a REST API response, LastResponse.body().books[0] will inform us if a given entry exists (so books[0], and if all the links of the property chain leading to the entry of interest exist too (so books is present, and so is books[0], books[0].author, books[0]





  • Returns an Answerable that resolves to true when the optional value is present, false otherwise.

    Returns Answerable<boolean>