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abstractBrowseTheWeb <Native_Element_Type>

The ability to BrowseTheWeb enables an actor to interact with and retrieve information from Web-based user interfaces.

BrowseTheWeb wraps test integration tools such as Playwright, Protractor, or WebdriverIO, and together with Serenity/JS Web models, such as Page or PageElement - offers a standardised way to write Web-based tests following the Screenplay Pattern.

The consistent and portable design of abstractions provided by the @serenity-js/web module also helps to make your tests portable across the various test integration tools and helps to make your test code easier to reuse across projects and teams.

Giving the actors an ability to BrowseTheWeb

To give an actor an ability to BrowseTheWeb, provide the integration tool-specific implementation via Actor.whoCan in Cast.prepare, or via Cast.where.

import { beforeEach } from 'mocha'
import { engage, Actor, Cast } from '@serenity-js/core'
import { BrowseTheWebWithPlaywright } from '@serenity-js/playwright'
import { Browser, chromium } from 'playwright'

beforeEach(async () => {
const browser = await chromium.launch({ headless: true })


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To learn more about using Serenity/JS with your chosen test integration tool, follow their respective documentation:

Using the ability to BrowseTheWeb

To use the ability to BrowseTheWeb in a custom Interaction or Question, use the generic method to retrieve it.

This generic method retrieves the integration tool-specific implementation of BrowseTheWeb present on the Actor, such as BrowseTheWebWithPlaywright or BrowseTheWebWethWebdriverIO, using Actor.abilityTo.

This decoupling mechanism helps to make your test code portable across test integration tools, since the only part of your test suite that needs to know about the test integration tool used are the actors. The rest of your test code, so tasks, interactions, and questions, remain fully agnostic of the underlying tool.

import { BrowseTheWeb, Question } from '@serenity-js/web'

const BrowserDetails = () =>
Question.about('browser details', async actor => {
const capabilities = await;
return ${ capabilities.browserName } ${ capabilities.browserVersion }`;

Pro tip: Use the specific BrowseTheWebWith<test integration tool name> to give the actor the ability, and generic to retrieve it.

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  • Ability
    • BrowseTheWeb




  • Type parameters

    • Native_Element_Type = any


    Returns BrowseTheWeb<Native_Element_Type>



  • currentPage(): Promise<Page<Native_Element_Type>>
  • Returns a Page representing the currently active browser tab.

    Returns Promise<Page<Native_Element_Type>>


  • allPages(): Promise<Page<Native_Element_Type>[]>
  • Returns an array of pages representing all the browser tabs available in the current BrowsingSession.

    Returns Promise<Page<Native_Element_Type>[]>