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Contributing to Serenity/JS

Thank you for deciding to contribute to Serenity/JS and help us move the project forward! You are awesome, and we greatly appreciate your time and talent 😊

If anything in the Serenity/JS documentation is not as clear as it could be, or you have ideas on how to improve the codebase to make the life of our community easier - please let us know! Your feedback will help us make Serenity/JS better for everyone.

Please also make sure to join us on the Serenity/JS Community Chat to ask questions and discuss your ideas. We're here to support you and help you get started on your contribution journey. Let's work together to make Serenity/JS even better for everyone!

Serenity/JS Community Chat

If you experience any issues trying to make your contribution, please raise a ticket on Serenity/JS GitHub. Your developer experience is really important to us, so we treat any issues here with the same seriousness we treat defects in code 🐛

Find your way to contribute

Serenity/JS offers a variety of ways to contribute. If you'd like help finding a way that works for you, join the Serenity/JS Community Chat and reach out to the maintainers there.

The most popular ways to contribute include:

If you're new to open source and would like to get up to speed with the basic concepts, check out this excellent guide on "How to make your first open source contribution" by Ceora Ford.

Enjoy Serenity!

Jan Molak and the Serenity/JS team