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Playwright-specific options used to configure the ability to BrowseTheWebWithPlaywright

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  • BrowserContextOptions
    • PlaywrightOptions




acceptDownloads?: boolean

Whether to automatically download all the attachments. Defaults to true where all the downloads are accepted.


baseURL?: string

When using page.goto(url[, options]), page.route(url, handler[, options]), page.waitForURL(url[, options]), page.waitForRequest(urlOrPredicate[, options]), or page.waitForResponse(urlOrPredicate[, options]) it takes the base URL in consideration by using the URL() constructor for building the corresponding URL. Unset by default. Examples:

  • baseURL: http://localhost:3000 and navigating to /bar.html results in http://localhost:3000/bar.html
  • baseURL: http://localhost:3000/foo/ and navigating to ./bar.html results in http://localhost:3000/foo/bar.html
  • baseURL: http://localhost:3000/foo (without trailing slash) and navigating to ./bar.html results in http://localhost:3000/bar.html


bypassCSP?: boolean

Toggles bypassing page’s Content-Security-Policy. Defaults to false.


colorScheme?: light | dark | no-preference

Emulates 'prefers-colors-scheme' media feature, supported values are 'light', 'dark', 'no-preference'. See page.emulateMedia([options]) for more details. Passing null resets emulation to system defaults. Defaults to 'light'.


deviceScaleFactor?: number

Specify device scale factor (can be thought of as dpr). Defaults to 1. Learn more about emulating devices with device scale factor.


extraHTTPHeaders?: {}

An object containing additional HTTP headers to be sent with every request. Defaults to none.

Type declaration

  • [key string]: string


forcedColors?: none | active

Emulates 'forced-colors' media feature, supported values are 'active', 'none'. See page.emulateMedia([options]) for more details. Passing null resets emulation to system defaults. Defaults to 'none'.


geolocation?: Geolocation


hasTouch?: boolean

Specifies if viewport supports touch events. Defaults to false. Learn more about mobile emulation.


httpCredentials?: HTTPCredentials

Credentials for HTTP authentication. If no origin is specified, the username and password are sent to any servers upon unauthorized responses.


ignoreHTTPSErrors?: boolean

Whether to ignore HTTPS errors when sending network requests. Defaults to false.


isMobile?: boolean

Whether the meta viewport tag is taken into account and touch events are enabled. isMobile is a part of device, so you don’t actually need to set it manually. Defaults to false and is not supported in Firefox. Learn more about mobile emulation.


javaScriptEnabled?: boolean

Whether or not to enable JavaScript in the context. Defaults to true. Learn more about disabling JavaScript.


locale?: string

Specify user locale, for example en-GB, de-DE, etc. Locale will affect navigator.language value, Accept-Language request header value as well as number and date formatting rules. Defaults to the system default locale. Learn more about emulation in our emulation guide.


logger?: Logger

Logger sink for Playwright logging.


offline?: boolean

Whether to emulate network being offline. Defaults to false. Learn more about network emulation.


permissions?: string[]

A list of permissions to grant to all pages in this context. See browserContext.grantPermissions(permissions[, options]) for more details. Defaults to none.


proxy?: { server: string; bypass?: string; username?: string; password?: string }

Network proxy settings to use with this context. Defaults to none.

NOTE For Chromium on Windows the browser needs to be launched with the global proxy for this option to work. If all contexts override the proxy, global proxy will be never used and can be any string, for example

proxy: { server: 'http://per-context' } })

Type declaration

  • externalserver: string

    Proxy to be used for all requests. HTTP and SOCKS proxies are supported, for example or socks5:// Short form is considered an HTTP proxy.

  • externaloptionalbypass?: string

    Optional comma-separated domains to bypass proxy, for example ".com,,".

  • externaloptionalusername?: string

    Optional username to use if HTTP proxy requires authentication.

  • externaloptionalpassword?: string

    Optional password to use if HTTP proxy requires authentication.


recordHar?: { omitContent?: boolean; content?: omit | embed | attach; path: string; mode?: full | minimal; urlFilter?: string | RegExp }

Enables HAR recording for all pages into recordHar.path file. If not specified, the HAR is not recorded. Make sure to await browserContext.close([options]) for the HAR to be saved.

Type declaration

  • externaloptionalomitContent?: boolean

    Optional setting to control whether to omit request content from the HAR. Defaults to false. Deprecated, use content policy instead.

  • externaloptionalcontent?: omit | embed | attach

    Optional setting to control resource content management. If omit is specified, content is not persisted. If attach is specified, resources are persisted as separate files or entries in the ZIP archive. If embed is specified, content is stored inline the HAR file as per HAR specification. Defaults to attach for .zip output files and to embed for all other file extensions.

  • externalpath: string

    Path on the filesystem to write the HAR file to. If the file name ends with .zip, content: 'attach' is used by default.

  • externaloptionalmode?: full | minimal

    When set to minimal, only record information necessary for routing from HAR. This omits sizes, timing, page, cookies, security and other types of HAR information that are not used when replaying from HAR. Defaults to full.

  • externaloptionalurlFilter?: string | RegExp

    A glob or regex pattern to filter requests that are stored in the HAR. When a baseURL via the context options was provided and the passed URL is a path, it gets merged via the new URL() constructor. Defaults to none.


recordVideo?: { dir: string; size?: { width: number; height: number } }

Enables video recording for all pages into recordVideo.dir directory. If not specified videos are not recorded. Make sure to await browserContext.close([options]) for videos to be saved.

Type declaration

  • externaldir: string

    Path to the directory to put videos into.

  • externaloptionalsize?: { width: number; height: number }

    Optional dimensions of the recorded videos. If not specified the size will be equal to viewport scaled down to fit into 800x800. If viewport is not configured explicitly the video size defaults to 800x450. Actual picture of each page will be scaled down if necessary to fit the specified size.

    • externalwidth: number

      Video frame width.

    • externalheight: number

      Video frame height.


reducedMotion?: reduce | no-preference

Emulates 'prefers-reduced-motion' media feature, supported values are 'reduce', 'no-preference'. See page.emulateMedia([options]) for more details. Passing null resets emulation to system defaults. Defaults to 'no-preference'.


screen?: { width: number; height: number }

Emulates consistent window screen size available inside web page via window.screen. Is only used when the viewport is set.

Type declaration

  • externalwidth: number

    page width in pixels.

  • externalheight: number

    page height in pixels.


serviceWorkers?: allow | block

Whether to allow sites to register Service workers. Defaults to 'allow'.

  • 'allow': Service Workers can be registered.
  • 'block': Playwright will block all registration of Service Workers.


storageState?: string | { cookies: { name: string; value: string; domain: string; path: string; expires: number; httpOnly: boolean; secure: boolean; sameSite: Lax | Strict | None }[]; origins: { origin: string; localStorage: { name: string; value: string }[] }[] }

Learn more about storage state and auth.

Populates context with given storage state. This option can be used to initialize context with logged-in information obtained via browserContext.storageState([options]).


strictSelectors?: boolean

If set to true, enables strict selectors mode for this context. In the strict selectors mode all operations on selectors that imply single target DOM element will throw when more than one element matches the selector. This option does not affect any Locator APIs (Locators are always strict). Defaults to false. See Locator to learn more about the strict mode.


timezoneId?: string

Changes the timezone of the context. See ICU’s metaZones.txt for a list of supported timezone IDs. Defaults to the system timezone.


userAgent?: string

Specific user agent to use in this context.


videoSize?: { width: number; height: number }

Use recordVideo instead.

Type declaration

  • externalwidth: number

    Video frame width.

  • externalheight: number

    Video frame height.


videosPath?: string

Use recordVideo instead.


viewport?: ViewportSize

Emulates consistent viewport for each page. Defaults to an 1280x720 viewport. Use null to disable the consistent viewport emulation. Learn more about viewport emulation.

NOTE The null value opts out from the default presets, makes viewport depend on the host window size defined by the operating system. It makes the execution of the tests non-deterministic.


defaultNavigationTimeout?: number

Changes the default maximum navigation time for the browser context used by BrowseTheWebWithPlaywright

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defaultNavigationWaitUntil?: load | domcontentloaded | networkidle | commit

When to consider navigation operation succeeded, defaults to load. Events can be either:

  • 'domcontentloaded' - consider operation to be finished when the DOMContentLoaded event is fired.
  • 'load' - consider operation to be finished when the load event is fired.
  • 'networkidle' - consider operation to be finished when there are no network connections for at least 500 ms.
  • 'commit' - consider operation to be finished when network response is received and the document started loading.

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defaultTimeout?: number

This setting will change the default maximum time for all Playwright methods accepting timeout option.

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