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test automation

at any scale!

Serenity/JS is an innovative test automation framework designed to help you create high-quality, business-focused test scenarios that interact with any interface of your system and produce comprehensive test reports that build trust between delivery teams and the business.

Make your tests speak your language

Serenity/JS Screenplay Pattern helps you create automated tests and test DSLs that capture the concepts and vocabulary of your domain, focus on your business workflows, and bring your team together.

Any browser, any device, any interface

Serenity/JS is a modular and extensible abstraction layer that works seamlessly with integration tools like Playwright, Selenium, WebdriverIO, Appium, or Axios, and gives you a consistent, intuitive, and vendor-agnostic API to work with.

Run anytime, anywhere, in any context

Serenity/JS integrates with popular test runners like Cucumber, Jasmine, Mocha, and Playwright Test, and works just as well on your machine as it does on your CI/CD servers, or deployed as part of your continuous monitoring infrastructure.

Share code across projects and teams

Serenity/JS is the first framework designed to make it easy to share and reuse test code not just across test suites, but also across projects and teams. Help your whole organisation benefit from your test automation work!

Use with your favourite IDE and VCS

With Serenity/JS you can write, run, and debug your tests in popular IDEs like JetBrains and VS Code. Serenity/JS tests are high-quality, standards-based Node.js code, so you can commit them to Git to support trunk-based, multi-branch, and pull request-based development workflows.

Report what really matters

Serenity/JS integrates with Serenity BDD to provide powerful living documentation and test reporting that gives meaningful feedback to testers, business folks, and the team as a whole. Serenity/JS tells you not only what tests have been executed, but more importantly, what requirements have been tested.

Recommended by Open-Source Leaders

Julien BiezemansCreator of Cucumber.js

I am deeply impressed with the Serenity/JS ecosystem. I am blown away by the feature set, the numerous deep integrations with other runners and tools, and the consistent level of quality throughout the whole project.

The thorough user-centric documentation is exceptional. It goes from the foundational concept of the Screenplay Pattern to advanced techniques and practices in a very gentle and clear way. The support is also remarkable.

Kudos to Jan and the contributors for all this fantastic work! The world needs more devs and entrepreneurs like you 😄

📚 Learn about using Cucumber.js with Serenity/JS

Christian BromannCreator of WebdriverIO, Microsoft MVP

Serenity/JS has a genuinely inspiring mission: to make test automation collaborative, enjoyable, and accessible for everyone, from business to technical audiences.

The project's dedication to quality, user experience, and innovation shines through in every aspect of the framework, helping you create maintainable and scalable tst suites while adhering to open standards and leveraging reliable open-source tools.

WebdriverIO is proud to be a part of the Serenity/JS ecosystem, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for this fantastic project!

📚 Learn about using WebdriverIO with Serenity/JS