Serenity/JS is a free and open-source project supported by the community on GitHub, where you can report a bug or suggest a feature.

You can also ask questions on Stack Overflow, where posts tagged with serenity-js will usually get answered by one of the Serenity/JS core developers.

If you'd like to chat with fellow Serenity/JS users, join us on Gitter.

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If you feel like Serenity/JS has made your life a little bit easier, please consider joining these amazing people in sponsoring this project on GitHub. Even a small donation goes a long way and helps secure development time to bring new features, bug fixes, and tutorials to the Serenity/JS community!


Training and support services

Let Serenity/JS core team help you fast-track your test automation efforts and get the befits of reliable, high-quality, easy-to-maintain automated test suites sooner.

We can help you:

  • get your engineers and testers up to speed with modern test automation practices and Serenity/JS,
  • adapt Serenity/JS to integrate with your in-house systems and processes,
  • make your tests more robust and easier to maintain.

Training, mentoring, code reviews, development, and support services are delivered by core contributors to Serenity/JS.

To discuss your needs, please contact Jan Molak at or via LinkedIn.