Serenity/JS is a framework designed to make acceptance and regression testing of modern full-stack applications faster, more collaborative and easier to scale.

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Learning Serenity/JS

To learn more about Serenity/JS, check out the video below, read the tutorial, review the examples, and create your own test suite with Serenity/JS template projects.

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Full-Stack Acceptance Testing with Serenity/JS and the Screenplay Pattern

Serenity/JS Jasmine

@serenity-js/jasmine contains a Jasmine reporter you register with Jasmine test runner to enable integration between Jasmine and Serenity/JS.


To install this module, run the following command in your computer terminal:

npm install --save-dev @serenity-js/{core,jasmine}

Learn more about integrating Serenity/JS with Jasmine

Command line usage

jasmine --reporter=@serenity-js/jasmine

Programmatic usage

import serenityReporterForJasmine = require('@serenity-js/jasmine');