import {WithStage} from '@serenity-js/core/lib/stage'
public interface | source


Makes the Stage object setup in your test runner configuration visible to test steps or test scenarios.

When using Cucumber, the Stage is typically set up using the Cucumber World Constructor. When using Jasmine, the Stage is typically set up in the beforeEach step.

this class was deprecated. Please use and serenity.actorInTheSpotlight() instead


Usage with Cucumber.js
// features/support/configure_serenity.ts
import { WithStage } from '@serenity-js/core';
import { setWorldConstructor } from 'cucumber';

setWorldConstructor(function (this: WithStage, { parameters }) {
  this.stage = serenity.callToStageFor(new SomeImplementationOfTheCastInterface());

// features/step_definitions/some.steps.ts
import { WithStage } from '@serenity-js/cucumber';

Given(/(.*?) is a registered customer/, function (this: WithStage, actorName: string) {

Usage with Jasmine
// spec/some.spec.ts
import { serenity, WithStage } from '@serenity-js/core';

describe('Using the Stage', () => {
  beforeEach(function (this: WithStage) {
    this.stage = serenity.callToStageFor(new SomeImplementationOfTheCastInterface());

  it('makes it easy to access the Actors', function(this: WithStage) {
    return this.stage.theActorCalled('Barry').attemptsTo(
      // tasks

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