import {Ability} from '@serenity-js/core/lib/screenplay'
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An Ability enables the Actor to interact with an external interface of the system under test. Technically speaking, it's a wrapper around a client of said interface.

Direct Implemented:


import { Ability, Actor, Interface } from '@serenity-js/core';

class MakePhoneCalls implements Ability {
    static as(actor: UsesAbilities): MakesPhoneCalls {
        return actor.abilityTo(MakePhoneCalls);

    static using(phone: Phone) {
        return new MakePhoneCalls(phone);

    constructor(private readonly phone: Phone) {}

    // some method that allows us to interact with the external interface of the system under test
    dial(phoneNumber: string) {
      // ...

const Connie = Actor.named('Connie').whoCan(MakePhoneCalls.using(phone));

const Call = (phoneNumber: string) => Interaction.where(`#actor calls ${ phoneNumber }`, actor =>;