Serenity/JS is a framework designed to make acceptance and regression testing of modern full-stack applications faster, more collaborative and easier to scale.

Serenity/JS Console Reporter

@serenity-js/console-reporter module reports progress of your Serenity/JS tests to the terminal.

ConsoleReporter supports both colour and monochromatic output, as well as simple colour themes for terminals with dark and light backgrounds.


npm install --save-dev @serenity-js/{core,console-reporter}

Learn more about Serenity/JS Console Reporter


If you're on Windows, consider using Windows Terminal instead of cmd.exe to benefit from the colour output.


To allow Serenity/JS to print the progress report to standard output, assign the ConsoleReporter to the Stage.

This can be done in your protractor.conf.js file if you're using Protractor, or programmatically.

Programmatic configuration

import { configure } from '@serenity-js/core';
import { ConsoleReporter } from '@serenity-js/console-reporter';

    crew: [


// protractor.conf.js

const { ConsoleReporter } = require('@serenity-js/console-reporter');

exports.config = {
  framework:      'custom',
    frameworkPath: require.resolve('@serenity-js/protractor/adapter'),
    serenity: {
      crew: [
      // other Serenity/JS config
    // other Protractor config

Colour Themes

Consult the API docs of the ConsoleReporter class to learn more about the supported colour themes.