All the official Serenity/JS modules are distributed via the Node Package Manager repository - and follow the @serenity-js/* naming convention.

Once you have decided on the Serenity/JS modules you'd like to use in your test suite, you can install them by running npm install --save-dev, followed by the names of the modules. For example:

npm install --save-dev \
    @serenity-js/assertions \
    @serenity-js/console-reporter \
    @serenity-js/core \
    @serenity-js/cucumber \
    @serenity-js/protractor \
    @serenity-js/rest \

Please make sure to always update the modules together and use the same version number for all the @serenity-js/* modules you depend on. Learn more about versioning.

PRO TIP: The easiest way to get started with Serenity/JS is by using one of the template projects available on GitHub. Serenity/JS template project come with appropriate Serenity/JS modules and lower-level integration and test tools already configured.