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This release introduces improvements to the following Serenity/JS modules:

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Bug Fixes

  • core: aggregated the various internal reflection functions under ValueInspector (4c9ce32), closes #2223
  • cucumber: support for Cucumber 10.8.0 (689f4c8), closes #2140
  • deps: update dependency sass to v1.77.4 (df5955a)
  • deps: update dependency sass to v1.77.6 (860ebbb)


  • assertions: dynamic descriptions for assertions and expectations (3fdc7c8), closes #2223
  • console-reporter: support for repording dynamic interaction descriptions (bbe5e5e), closes #2223
  • core: dynamic descriptions for Wait.for and Wait.until (d000f46), closes #2223
  • core: initial description of a Question can now be dynamic (7c428cc), closes #2223
  • core: nested properties returned by QuestionAdapters are now reported as their formatted value (35f2e3e), closes #2223
  • core: notes are now reported using their actual value rather than their description (584373a), closes #2223
  • core: support for dynamic descriptions for Questions (aac9a8f), closes #2223
  • core: support for dynamic descriptions for Tasks and Interactions (c1516f2), closes #2223
  • core: the - new tag template function to help you create dynamic descriptions of activities (98288dd), closes #2223
  • core: the - tag literal function now accepts meta-questions as parameters (a7b58b6), closes #2223
  • serenity-bdd: support for reporting dynamic descriptions of Tasks and Interactions (8737f55), closes #2223
  • web: all Serenity/JS Web interaction and questions use dynamic descriptions (1deca07), closes #2223
  • web: dynamic description of the interaction to Enter.theValue(..) (fc92409), closes #2223